Amazing Selling Machine Review: Coming Soon in 2020

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Amazing Selling Machine is training with an 8-week online class program that will help upscale your business in Amazon.

Amazing Selling Machine is used by Bloggers, Ecommerce Stores, Real Estate, Freelancers, Business Owners and more.

It's often used as an alternative to Amazon FBA Ninja and Amazon Bootcamp.

We will be giving bonuses and scholarships to all new Amazing Selling Machine customers starting in a few weeks. We will cover some of the topics below:

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  • Success Story 

  • About Amazing Selling Machine 

  • What is Amazing Selling Machine?

  • Programs

    • The 8 week online class:

      • Welcome Module

      • Finding the perfect product

      • Ordering your inventory and creating your brand 

      • Building your Brand Assets

      • The Perfect Product Page

      • Perfect Product Launch

      • Advanced marketing and traffic tools 

      • Taking your business to the next level 

    • The ASM Mentor Program 

    • Lifetime Platinum Access to ASM

    • The Private Resource Vault 

  • Business Type

    • Bloggers

    • Ecommerce Stores

    • Real Estate 

    • Freelancers

    • Business Owners 

    • Professional services (Doctors, Real Estate Agents)

  • Pricing 

    • One payment

    • Six payments

  • FAQs

    • Is Amazing Selling Machine a scam?

    • How much does Amazing Selling Machine cost?

    • Is Amazing Selling Machine worth the money?

    • What is the Commission on Amazing Selling Machine?

  • Amazing Selling Machine Alternatives

    • Amazon Bootcamp V3.0

    • Zero Up 

    • Amazon FBA Ninja

    • Helium10

    • Amazing Seller 

    • MarketPlace SuperHeroes System v.2

    • Proven Amazon Course

    • E-Commerce Empire 2.0 (Startup Bros)

  • Conclusion

What is Amazing Selling Machine?

Amazing Selling Machine is an online program that claims you to help you grow your business, and help business grow from scratch. In whatever stage your business is, they will help you optimize it. They help you decide what to sell, learn how to operate a business and to upscale your business. 

Amazing Selling Machine Courses

Amazing Selling Machine has an 8 module class, the people who are guiding this course are: Mike McClary, Rich Henderson and Dan Ashburn. Mike, Rich, and Dan have built 7-8 figure successful businesses with Amazing Selling Machine. 

The 8 module courses are:

Module 0: Welcome and Overview

This a walkthrough an overview of everything you will see in the modules. They will help you to learn how to use the membership dashboard, and to know more about the community. You will learn some foundation principles and choose which Amazon marketplace suits you the best.

Module 1: Finding the right product

The first step is build a brand that you will usea, and select the right product that will be able to compete in the market. ASM will provide the tools to achieve profitable results with the product you will sell. ASM will also be providing you with alternatives search methods for your product.

Module 2: Evaluating Suppliers and Samples

In this module you will learn how much it costs to sell on Amazon, how to make your product have an added value that will help you stand out from the rest. It is important to learn to communicate with your suppliers and make sure that your product will profit after all the costs that are taken into account. 

Module 3: Ordering Your Inventory and Creating Your Brand

Learn all the considerations you have to take into account in your first inventory order. You will pick the logo for your brand and all the DNA of it, from packing, logo, product and more. This is key to engage with your customers and it will help you stand out from the competitors. 

Module 4: Building Your Brand Assets

After you have your product, you will learn how to set up a website, facebook page and other channels to communicate with your customers. Using ads is a great way to reach new customers and to get more audience. You will also learn how to post engaging content in your social media accounts that help you grow your audience. 

Module 5: The Perfect Product Page

SEO is key to maximize the traffic in one page, and with ASM you will learn how to find and use them. Meta data descriptions and compelling product descriptions will help you steal sales from your competitors. 

Module 6: The Perfect Product Launch

Before launching your product you need to understand your objective and plan the different steps you will follow in order to reach it. You will also learn how to structure an Ad campaign and how to get initial product reviews.  Another element that will help you increase your sales is distributing promotional codes during the launch of your product. 

Module 7: Advanced Marketing & Traffic Tools

Now that you have launched your product, you need to monitor how your product is performing and optimize the traffic and conversions in your website.  Learn how to win Amazon promotion campaigns and get ready to launch your next product. ASM will teach what you should be thinking when making big business decisions. 

Module 8: Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Learn how to use Facebook to get more reviews and how to use instagram to boost traffic and sales. You will learn how to build and email list with your clients information and how this will help your brand. Last but not least you will learn how to work with influencers. 

Amazing Selling Machine Pricing

The price of Amazing Selling Machine 11 is $4,997. There is also a 6-month financing plan that costs $997/month for 6 months. ASM is backed by a 100% 30 day risk-free guarantee.

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