Builderall Review [2020]: Pricing + $150 Bonus For Free

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When Builderall started in 2011, founder Erick Salgado had a vision to transform entrepreneurship throughout the world.

5,000 websites and small businesses have already felt that transformation. One of those Builderall users earned over $1,140,000 in less than six months using the platform.

Below is an in-depth, 5,000 word review of Builderall and each of its features, but before you start to read, it's important to know:

Builderall is only PART of the solution for your business.

It can create websites, landing pages, do email marketing and dozens of other things... but it can't bring visitors to your website.

I have good news though!

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Let me explain the scholarship before I get to the review section.

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Okay, on to the review! But remember:

No matter how much I like Builderall, YOU MIGHT NOT NEED IT!

I've listed reasons why your business might not be a good fit for Builderall, and I've listed alternatives.

Over half of our readers probably aren't a good fit, so don't ask, "Is Builderall a good product?" Ask, "Is Builderall a good product FOR ME?"

The review has five major sections:

  1. Our rating of Builderall based on industry.

  2. Builderall features, pros and cons

  3. Two quizzes: Business Matching (Is Builderall Right For Me?) and ROI Calculation (Is Builderall Worth It?)

  4. Reviews and testimonials from other users.

  5. FAQs

Table of Contents


September 2019 Update: Funnel Builder Scholarship opportunity has been added for review readers.

Rapid Summary: What is Builderall?

Builderall is so many things... a sales funnel builder, a website builder, email marketing software, hosting, webinar software, blogging platform, a CRM and it seems like a dozen other tools for a small business...

To me, the most significant selling point of Builderall is that you can run almost every aspect of your online business using just Builderall.

In my opinion, the sales funnels are slightly behind ClickFunnels, the blogging is slightly behind Wordpress, the email is slightly behind Constant Contact, BUT...

If you wanted to use those other products to recreate all of the features of Builderall, it would probably cost you between $1,000 to $8,000 a month, depending on your business size.

Builderall offers all of it for under $70 a month.

To me, the incredible benefit of Builderall is that you get software that is a near replicas of other software, but the price is 95% cheaper.

If you want to keep all of your online sales, marketing, and content creation under one roof, or you are budget sensitive, you should consider Builderall.

Our Overall ExpertSumo Rating:

Of course, Builderall isn't for everyone, which is why our ratings change based on your business type.

Builderall for Bloggers:

OVERALL: ★★☆☆☆ - 2/5 stars.

PRICING: ★★☆☆☆ - 2/5 stars.

EASE OF USE: ★★☆☆☆ - 2/5 stars.

DETAILS: If you are planning on a business that makes money from advertisements on articles that you've written, then I wouldn't suggest Builderall. You could make it work, but there are other services built specifically for bloggers that would be a much better fit.

VERDICT: If you only need a blog, then Builderall is overkill - it has too many features you don't need. It would be like using a Swiss army knife for dinner. Stick with Wordpress or a third-party hosted solution like Medium.

I have more details at How to Start A Blog if that describes you.

Builderall for Mom-and-Pop Businesses:

OVERALL: ★★★☆☆ - 3/5 stars.

PRICING: ★★☆☆☆ - 2/5 stars.

EASE OF USE: ★★★☆☆ - 3/5 stars.

DETAILS: Most mom-and-pop (brick-and-mortar) businesses do all of their sales face to face, and the main purpose of their website is to help people come to their physical location.

Builderall makes it easy to build a website like that, but if that's the only feature you need, it could be less expensive might want to look somewhere else (Wordpress, or even a site from Wix or Weebly).

BUT if your business ever wants to expand ('We should sell things online', 'we should start an email list'), Builderall makes it easy to expand.

VERDICT: If you just need a simple website, you should pass. BUT, if you have plans to expand your business offerings and marketing ideas in the future, Builderall is a great, budget conscious choice to grow with.

Builderall for Service Based Businesses

OVERALL: ★★★★☆ - 4/5 stars.

PRICING: ★★★☆☆ - 3/5 stars.

EASE OF USE: ★★★★☆ - 4/5 stars.

DETAILS: I ask the same question to any service based business (painters, contractors, real estate agents, etc...) when they ask me for online help:

Are you spending at least $500 a month on advertising? (Or are you willing to start?)

If so, you need a sales funnel builder (like Builderall) that will let you make rapid changes to your website, or create new pages for each new marketing campaign.

VERDICT: If you spend over $500 a month on ads, then you need to buy a sales funnel builder like Builderall...and you need to buy it yesterday. Add sign up with our link so you can use the $150 on Facebook ads.

Otherwise, Builderall might be overkill until you decide to commit to advertising your services with anything other than word-of-mouth.

Builderall for Startups/Launches

OVERALL: ★★★★☆ - 4/5 stars.

PRICING: ★★★★★ - 5/5 stars.

EASE OF USE: ★★★☆☆ - 3/5 stars.

DETAILS: Builderall is a good choice for many startups. The price is manageable, and it can do so many things that startups usually need to do (website builder, manage sales, email marketing, webinars...).

The only thing that would make it not a great fit is if you were a deeply technical startup that needed lots of custom development... but even then, you could use Builderall for everything else outside your custom requirements.

VERDICT: Builderall is great for a startup. There may come a time when you outgrow it, but if you're on a startup budget, you won't find so many tools and such a great price.

Builderall for eCommerce Businesses

OVERALL: ★★★☆☆ - 3/5 stars.

PRICING: ★★★★★ - 5/5 stars.

EASE OF USE: ★★★☆☆ - 3/5 stars.

DETAILS: Builderall actually uses Magento (a huge, well-respected eCommerce platform) as it's eCommerce platform... but it's free!

Magento has experience, lots of support, and tons of plugins. It's a good platform.

VERDICT: I like Magento, but I don't love it as much as I love Shopify. So if the only thing you're worried about is eCommerce, I wouldn't pick them.

BUT, if you're planning on using Builderall for eCommerce AND something else, it would actually be pretty smart to take advantage of their free Magento setup.

Builderall for Consultants/Gurus/Teachers

OVERALL: ★★★★☆ - 4/5 stars.

PRICING: ★★★★★ - 5/5 stars.

EASE OF USE: ★★★★☆ - 4/5 stars.

DETAILS: Builderall has sales funnels (important for consultants) and an eLearning module (important for teachers).

Price wise, you could spend up to $500 a month for just a sales funnel solution and a eLearning solution. So it's crazy you can get it for almost 90% off that price through Builderall.

VERDICT: Ask yourself how complex your needs are within sales funnels or a teaching area. Builderall can do 90-95% of what ClickFunnels and Thinkific can do... but it costs $69 a month, not $500.

If your business just needs simple funnels and course functionality, pick Builderall. Anything complex? Maybe you need to get more complex tools.

Builderall for B2B Businesses

OVERALL: ★★★☆☆ - 3/5 stars.

PRICING: ★★★★★ - 5/5 stars.

EASE OF USE: ★★★☆☆ - 3/5 stars.

DETAILS: A B2B business usually has several needs that Builderall fulfills: email marketing, sales CRM, website builder, etc.

And, if you're a smaller B2B company with a 1 or 2 person marketing department (or 0), then Builderall could be a great solution to manage all that complexity with a small team.

BUT, sometimes B2B businesses require more customization, expensive tools, or they are already locked in to long term contracts with other providers. Builderall probably can't tick all the boxes of customization a large company is hoping for.

VERDICT: How big are you? Most B2B businesses have a level of complexity once they get to a certain size. If you're small, then the combination of sales funnels, website hosting, CRM and others can be a great choice.

If can count your marketing department employees on a few fingers, buy Builderall + our $150 scholarship.

...But if you're big, you might need to skip out on Builderall for something more mature (and probably more expensive).

Builderall for Multifaceted Businesses

OVERALL: ★★★★☆ - 4/5 stars.

PRICING: ★★★★★ - 5/5 stars.

EASE OF USE: ★★★★★ - 5/5 stars.

DETAILS: This is truly where Builderall shines.

If you (1) have a business that needs several different types of software, (2) worry about costs and (3) favor simplicity and standard instead of complex and custom, Builderall is a great choice.

Taken alone, I don't think that any single module that Builderall has could be considered the "best" in its class.

But with all the modules taken together, I don't know if there is a single software that does as much at a competent level as Builderall.

VERDICT: Builderall is a no brainer if your primary values are cost, simplicity, and being integrated. You won't find anything as good as this at this low of a price. Get it + the $150 Scholarship by getting our link here.

Builderall Pricing:

Builderall has two pricing plans: Essential and Premium.

Builderall Essential Plan:

The price of the Builderall Essential plan is $29.90 a month.

There is a pretty large difference between the Essential plan and the Premium plan.

The Essential plan has all of the features you need to do three things:

1. Build a website.

2. Do email marketing (to a list of less than 10k)

3. Create an affiliate system.

Most of the other features are only available on the premium plan. But if all you need is a website and email marketing, the Essential plan for $29.90 a month is a steal.

Builderall Premium Plan:

The price of the Builderall Premium plan is $69.90 a month.

This is the plan that has the dozens of features that I'll cover below - the sales funnel builder, the eCommerce site builder, the CRM, the webinar management and more.

At $69.90, it's at least 10 times cheaper (probably closer to 50 times cheaper) than buying individual products to do each of these functionalities.

Read through the features below to see which would impact your business the most.

Features, Pros and Cons of Builderall

Canvas Funnel Builder

When you build your funnel in Builderall, you can visualize everything on their 'Canvas', which lets you move around different pages and draw connection arrows like you're working on a whiteboard.

It's very intuitive and works the way you would think all sales funnels builders should work.


This is a great tool for funnel building. Other sales funnel builders really seem to struggle visualizing funnels (weird, I know). And it's not a huge problem when you have simple 2 or 3 step funnels, but once you get into any complex, it's hard to keep track of which funnel pages go where.


None. I really like this feature.

Website Builders:

Perfect Pixel Builder (Drag and Drop)

The 'Perfect Pixel Builder' is a drag-and-drop website builder. It's a great tool to help you create a website if you don't have any coding skills.

You can do things as simple as 'add an image' to more advanced things like 'track in my analytics every time this element is clicked'.

Also: there are tons of templates, so you don't have to start from scratch.


The learning curve on this is pretty short - if you need to get a site up fast, you can do it here on Builderall, even if it's your first time.

I also like how easy it is to switch between pages you're building - I don't build websites one page at a time... I usually work on the about page, home page, and other pages all at once. This is easier to do in Builderall than in competing products that are designed to focus all your attention on one single page.


This is no better than any other sales funnel building software, and is only average compared to other website building tools. There are many reasons to buy Builderall, but "Builderall's website builder is noticeably better than the competition" isn't one of them.

It has similar tools, similar features, and similar benefits to all the competitors. It doesn't stand out.. it blends in.

Also, you have to use the responsive builder (covered below) if you want a responsive website... otherwise you need to design three different layouts for each page on your website. Building three different designs just feels old and outdated.

Responsive Builder

The responsive builder is set up around the idea that every website is built on rows and columns (other sales funnel software does this as well).


Build it once, have it work on three types of sizes. Personally I think this is much better than using the Pixel Perfect Builder 3 times.


Again, not anything special compared to other builders.

Web Page Templates

Builderall has over 1,000 templates to choose from when you want to start building your website.


You really can build an entire website using only the templates.


The templates are... template-y. Your website won't look unique. That's important to some business owners, and to other's it isn't important. If this bugs you, there is training you can take that ExpertSumo has a special deal on. It's called CF Design School. I talk about it below in our Builderall Coaching and Support section and I review it here on our website: CF Design School Review.


Instead of needing to buy your own hosting to manage your websites and sales funnels (like many other options), Builderall can host all of your websites and funnels at no extra cost.


Even less expensive hosting (for example, like Bluehost) still costs $50 a year, which means this feature alone will save you money.


None. I really like this feature.


Sitebot is a chatbot for your website. There is a visual builder for the flow of what you want the chatbot to ask and answer, and you can customize the chats to specific situations.


Sitebot can ask for and store names, emails, or phone numbers of your web visitors, acting as an interactive lead form that integrates with your other tools and modules.

AND, you aren't paying any extra for this functionality.


Not really a con, but this is a basic chatbot builder. Not the best, not the worst - gets the job done. But if your business needs a heavily featured chatbot, Sitebot might not be customizable enough for you.


MailingBoss allows you to create email marketing campaigns, build out sequences, use and edit templates for your emails to your list, schedule your emails, and add tags.


MailingBoss lets you build out your campaigns on a canvas so you can see the physical flow of your emails... in just a glance you know the structure of your entire email marketing strategy. I wish every email marketing platform did that.


Aside from the canvas visualization, MailingBoss is average. If you don't have super complex email needs, then you'll be very pleased with MailingBoss.

...but for very complex problems, you'll likely need to go to one of the email marketing providers that focuses exclusively on email marketing.

Email Templates

You can send regular ol' emails, OR you can send a beautiful, professional looking HTML emails from Builderall.


HTML templates can make you seem much more polished and professional than you are, which is important if you're a small or startup business. Builderall has plenty of these templates for you to choose from.


Not a knock on Builderall, but I personally am not a fan of HTML emails. I think that customers have become blind to them (they all look like a 'coupon' email from Target), so this feature isn't important to me.


Builderall, in addition to having website builders and sales funnel builders, also offers an eCommerce solution... kinda.

Builderall actually uses Magento to power all of their Builderall eCommerce sites. If you buy Magento by itself, it costs over $2,000 a year... so how does Builderall do it?

They use the open source version, which is free... all Builderall has to do is provide the hosting and security.


Magento is a legitimate player in the eCommerce space, they've been around for years, their parent company is Adobe.


...because it is the open source version, there isn't a financial motivation to focus on features and security like there is with the paid version. The open source version doesn't have some features as the commercial version, or other eCommerce platforms. If you have a simple store, you'll be fine. If your store is more complex, you might get frustrated.


Builderall lets you publish live and recorded webinars through their platform and makes it easy to embed them on your webpages.

You can pull recorded webinars from recordings you do within Builderall, OR even from external sources like Youtube.

Like many webinar offerings, it has a chat feature for your guests. But one interesting feature is that of 'Ghost users'. These are bot users who you can program to log in and make comments so that your webinar watchers don't feel alone.


It's VERY easy to get a simple webinar up and running on your Builderall website. I'm talking 2 minutes tops.


One of the biggest features of any live webinar is how stable the connection with. Builderall isn't bad, in fact it's pretty good... but logically will it ever be able to compete with someone like Zoom who only has to focus on one thing?

I would say that if you're highly dependent on live webinars... this could work. If you use mostly recorded webinars, it will definitely work for you.

Floating Video

This feature lets you put a sticky video anywhere you want on your website.


Easy to implement.


Seems like it is only allowed on the Pixel Perfect Builder (not responsive). Also, I personally think these videos are ineffective and therefore not an important feature.

Presentation Builder

This is the Builderall version of Powerpoint.


You can embed a website into the presentation.


This comes free with your Builderall purchase... but almost every single competing presentation tool out there is free also (Google Slides, Prezi, Keynote, Slideshare). I don't see how this adds any value to an entrepreneur who already has a handful of free solutions to this problem.

Animated Video Creator

This feature lets you create the animated 'explainer videos' that are popular on sales pages for products that have complex benefits.

It's completely free, and is a great tool for getting started with videos.


If you think you want to do animated videos, you will love this feature. It's a free tool that can give you the basic result you're looking for, without shelling out $1,000 to a video production agency.


It isn't as full featured as a custom solution, BUT I strongly suggest using it first before you decide to hire someone else.

Design Studio

Very cool tool that puts your product or website into stock images.


This is great for entrepreneurs who don't have the time or expertise to go out and do a photo shoot of someone looking at your website or app. This is a tool that makes you look bigger and more professional than you really are.


None, this is a cool tool.

App Creator

Creates (some types of) apps for iPhone, Android and Kindle. It can create apps that look like / function like websites.


This is a great service to offer for free. Other services exist that cost as much or more as Builderall and this is all they offer. Wonderful value for the price.


This can NOT build every type of app. It can use features from a set of about 40 integrations (calendars, chat, etc), but you can't do something custom. If you're hoping to build a game or SAAS product, you'll need to build it custom. I recommend Toptal if that's what you're looking to do.

Side note: this criticism isn't specific to Builderall - all of the 'app creator' services you see out there are limited in the same way.

SEO Report Tool

The On-Page SEO Report Tool does the following:

You put in your website URL, and a keyword that someone might search to find your website.

Then, it gives you a score based on how often that keyword shows up on your site.

Pros:'s hard to say anything positive. This tool might've been useful for SEO 15 years ago. But SEO has completely changed since then, making this tool close to useless.


As someone who uses SEO to drive traffic to my own sites and to client sites, I. and this tool isn't good. If you have questions about SEO tools, message me with the button in the bottom right corner of the screen and I'll point you in the right direction.

In other words, make your decision about Builderall as if this tool didn't exist in the first place.

Script Generator

The script generator is an awesome tool that generates persuasive sales copywriting for you to use on your site, in your funnels or as part of your emails.

The generator has two steps:

Step 1: Avatar creation. You answer several questions about your ideal customer and your product.

Step 2: Script selection. You select your industry, and the type of script your looking for (email vs webpage for example).

Once you've made your selections, an entire script is generated for you to use.


The competing product for Builderall's script generator is FunnelScripts. FunnelScripts costs hundreds of dollars.

This is free. You can't beat that.


It's not perfect. The resulting scripts can have grammatical errors. They can also be a bit repetitive, and occasionally don't flow very well. But it's a great start if you're new to copywriting, or if you're a copywriting veteran that wants to skip most of the hard work and just make tweaks or adjustments.

Desktop Notifications

You've seen these - the popups that say 'allow to send you notifications' when you visit a website. You can set up these notifications on your own website (and send out messages to users who opt in).


Simple, and easy to set up. And also: comes FREE with your Builderall plan.


The opt-in process is a two step process. The Builderall tool makes the user have to select 'enable notifications' twice. Not ideal, especially compared to solutions that only require one step.

Membership Site Builder

You can create both a free and/or paid membership sites inside Builderall.


While Builderall isn't made exclusively for membership sites like Podio or Memberpress, but it can help you create a simple membership site, without having to shell out over $1,000 a year.


The features for the membership area are simple. They'll work for 75% of businesses who need a membership site, but for the 25% who need a more fully featured membership site, you'll probably need to go elsewhere.


You can create free and paid courses and lessons, manage students, give tests and create a community with Builderall.


Easy way to add courses to your business if you're already a Builderall user.


The design of the courses and UX isn't very good in my opinion. Also, the lesson types and question types are limited. If courses are a main part of your business, you probably should go elsewhere for a more 'professional' polish.

Split Testing

You can use the Builderall Canvas to create split tests on your website. Split tests let you create two different versions of the same page, send half of your traffic to each, and then test which page is better at producing sales, opt-ins, etc.


I really like the Builderall Canvas, and it makes it very easy to visualize what is being tested and how your users flow through your website.


Not as sophisticated as other AB testing software... but it is also much less expensive as well.

Share Locker

Share locker allows you to block web visitors from seeing your content unless they like you on Facebook.


It's a sneaky way to get people to like you on social media, but...


This is against the Facebook terms and conditions. If Facebook catches you doing this, they can ban your Facebook page or your website from Facebook. So don't do this - there are easier, better ways to get a social media following.

Builderall CRM

CRM allows you to track all of your leads and contacts that submit their information to you through your website.

This is very important for businesses that have sales people that reach out to each of your leads.


The CRM integrates really nicely with the website, so you can easily see what each of your leads is doing on your website (like which pages they have recently visited).


It's a good free product... but if you start to get a large sales force, you'll eventually need to upgrade.

Video Tags

You can add clickable buttons to your videos, making it easy to have a direct CTA for your video viewers.


Clickable buttons increase CTR on 'calls-to-action' on videos.


This only works on videos that you're hosting with Builderall. Doesn't work with Youtube videos.


No product can work for everyone. It doesn't matter how good Builderall works for other people, you have to determine if it would work for you and your business model.

Luckily, these quizzes help!

Is Builderall Right For Me?

Builderall is a fit for some businesses, but for others it's either overkill or too generic. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you buy...

First off — does your website need to sell products? Or is it just an informational website, with ads or contact information to your business?


Builderall could be a great fit. There are still some circumstances where I suggest products other than Builderall, but this could be a great fit for you - keep going on this quiz to find out.


Probably avoid Builderall. Builderall is best when used for online businesses. It was not designed with offline businesses or ad-driven businesses in mind. Since you aren't selling anything online, you should check out something like Bluehost or WPEngine for your website.

How complex is your business?

If you sell multiple products, use multiple marketing channels, use a sales force, use different websites, or use dozens of pieces of software, I would consider your business complex.


Builderall might be overkill. It literally has dozens of functionalities, and if you only need one or two, then it might make sense to look at other products that are more specialized.


Builderall is successful at bringing all of the complexity of multiple tools under one roof. Your CRM, website, email marketing, affiliate management, checkout and more can all be handled by a single product: Builderall. I'd recommend Builderall for your business.

Would you rather have an 'A minus' product for $50 a month, or an 'A+' product for $2,000 a month?


Builderall is for you. They somehow offer 30 different services, all very good, at an insanely low price.


Builderall isn't for you - it's a workhorse, not a race horse. Builderall is the budget friendly choice - but if you think your business needs a Ferrari rather than a Toyota to get from A to B, you should look elsewhere.

So, do you think Builderall is right for your business?

Then Click the button to claim your bonuses before you buy.

Builderall Testimonials & Reviews

Here are some testimonials from real entrepreneurs and marketers who have used Builderall

Ruben Santiago - ★★★★★

" Builderall you have everything in one single platform at a fraction of the price of most of the other tools that are out there right now. I use it, I recommend it to my clients, and I recommend it to you."

Darrel J Miles Sr. - ★★★★★

"This is the most comprehensive marketing platform I've seen in 12 years."


Is Builderall a Scam?

No, Builderall isn't a scam. They have over 40,000 customers, and have been in business since around 2008 as a web consulting firm, and they launched the first version of Builderall in 2011.

Some people say "scam" not to mean, "someone is stealing money" when they really mean "I didn't think the product was worth it".

Make sure to take the quizzes above to make sure that Builderall will be a good fit for your business.

Builderall Coaching and Support

Nearly all new Builderall users will need help in a few places, depending on which features of Builderall you use.

1. Design

Builderall is a powerful tool with several different website building modules...

...but they don't actually teach you how to make something look good.

There are two options:

Option A: Builderall Templates

There are over 1,000 templates available to all Premium Builderall customers. If you don't have any design skills, do yourself a favor and use one of the Builderall templates.

Option B: Design Training

There is a problem with templates: they are, by their nature, unoriginal.

The better a template is, the more businesses will use it, and the less effective it becomes.

So, if you want to design something custom for yourself, you need to get some design skills. Which you can get by practice a ton... or by taking a shortcut with CF Design School.

It's a super hands on design training program that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs turn their funnel designs into something unique and beautiful.

You can use your scholarship money on the course AND there is an extra money bonus as well for people who use their Funnel Builder Scholarship to pay for CF Design School. (Submit your email...I tell all my sign-ups about it).

Or, if you aren't interested in Builderall but you are still interested in the course, go here to our review of CF Design School and submit your email for our 'Funnel Design Scholarship'.

Caveat: the training uses ClickFunnels (sworn enemy of Builderall), but all of the principles are the same.

2. Copywriting

Bad copywriting can kill a good website.

Builderall actually has a "Professional Copy Script Generator" available on their Premium plan.

And, if that isn't enough, rival company ClickFunnels has a competing product called FunnelScripts (mentioned above).

If you've never written copy before, you probably need to use one of these tools when you start.

3. Traffic

A great website doesn't mean anything if no one sees it.

If you're starting any website, it's tough to get quality, profitable traffic.

That's why the $150 Scholarship is so crucial: you can use it to drive traffic to your site.

So if you need any help with traffic, give us your email so I can send you the link to get you $150 scholarship. Click here to submit your email.

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