Constant Contact Review: Coming Soon in 2020

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Constant Contact is a full marketing automation suite, with the ability to integrate email marketing, landing page creation, and other lead generation features.

It is used by large enterprise companies and one person startups alike.

People look to Constant Contact as an alternative to Mailchimp.

We will be giving bonuses and scholarships to all new Constant Contact customers starting in a few weeks.

Table of Content

  • What is Constant Contact?

  • About Constant Contact

  • Who is Constant Contact for?

  • Features

    • Email Marketing

    • Email Templates

    • Marketing Automation

    • Ecommerce Integrations 

  • Websites

    • Website Builder

    • Online Store

  • Constant Contact Pricing

    • Free Trial 

    • Email

    • Email PLUS

    • Website Builder

  • Constant Contact Partnership Programs

  • Constant Contact Pros and Cons

  • FAQs

    • Is Constant Contact free?

    • How much does it cost for constant contact?

    • Is Constant Contact good?

    • What companies use Constant Contact?

    • Does Constant Contact do texting?

  • Constant Contact Alternatives

    • Mailchimp

    • Hubspot

    • Sendinblue

    • Activecampaign

    • Salesforce

    • Convertkit

    • Getresponse

  • Final Thoughts

What is Constant Contact?

It is an online marketing company that provides you with tools that will help you connect with customers, grow your business, create social media campaigns, marketing automation, and will give you real-time results so you can improve them in no time. 

About Constant Contact

In 19995 Constant Contact’s founders envisioned an online marketing tool that would help small businesses, nonprofits, and individuals reach a wider audience without breaking their marketing budget. In 2009 they surpass 250,00 customers and in 2019 they expanded beyond email with websites, social ads, and more.  

Their vision is to provide an all-inclusive online marketing platform that will allow you to do more and grow more than ever before. 

Who is Constant Contact for?

For Freelancers

“I've attended several Constant Contact classes, and as a result of what I learned, I was able to set up a monthly e-magazine for a client that had 6000 recipients and between 5-10 paid advertisers each month. For another client, we set up a monthly email with coupons for returning customers that were very effective at generating repeat business. The data collection features have helped me and my clients grow our client databases. Another corporate client has used Constant Contact to send notifications and newsletters to their employees.” Robin I.

For Small Businesses

“ Constant Contact does a great job of managing multiple groups/lists and lots of contacts. I've worked with clients who have a large customer base and Constant Contact allows managing large amounts of group/lists and allows you to manual remove unsubscribers and errors. They are rolling out a new version of their email builder, but the older version does allow custom CSS coding per block which really allows customizing their templates.”  Aaron S.

For Marketing Agencies

“Constant Contact is a great solution for smaller organizations that have simple email marketing needs. They do what they do very well and offer a solution that is easy to learn and adopt within smaller organizations. I would definitely recommend it to small businesses or non-profits.” Akande D.

For Services

“Constant Contact is the standard for email marketing, and you can see why! It allows you to quickly upload your email contacts and create professional email marketing. We've been able to see how many people open each of our email campaigns, and which campaigns are most successful, making future marketing more targeted.”  Erica S.

Constant Contact Features

Email Marketing

Almost every user uses Constant Contact for this feature, it is very easy to start creating a marketing campaign. You will effectively take your data and create merge fields, segment lists, and they will provide you detailed reports including who opened it, who has not opened it, and you will have the ability to re-send the email to hasn’t opened the email yet. 

The interface is easy to use, although a bit glitchy. But overall Constant Contact works great. 

Email Templates

Create, customize, and design professional emails, with their drag and drop tool it will make editing it 10x times easier. Constant Contact offers a vast number of designed email templates for your business. Each one is easy to edit and customize, so you can use it for whatever you want to say. 

For more experienced handlers, HTML is available to set up templates. Overall, you don’t need to have any coding experience to design in their platform. 

Marketing Automation

Converting web site visitors to email marketing recipients has never been easier, as site visitors simply select which programs they are interested in and they are automatically added to the appropriate contact lists in Constant Contact. 

The automated features are great, especially that it will not allow the same email to appear in the same inbox twice. It also merges duplicate contacts. 


Constant Contact offers to have all your apps in one place. Sync with the apps that you’re already using and find more tools to help your business grow. Constant Contact makes it easy to integrate your email account with a wide range of apps, integrations, and partner services that can help you get more out of email marketing. 

Website Builder

Answer a few questions before creating your website and the website builder creates a personalized website based on your business or passion-complete with images and suggestions for the best content to include. It’s easy to edit and add new pages or sections. 

Constant Contact Pricing

Free Trial 

You can use their templates, edit, and will get all the reports. You don’t need to add a credit card. 


Starting at $20 per month depending on the number of contacts that you have. This plan is great for small businesses looking to create professional emails, increase contacts, and drive real results.

Email PLUS

Starting at $45 per month depending on the number of contacts that you have. For small businesses ready to automate email marketing, improve engagement, and go beyond the inbox.

Besides having all the features that the Email plan offers you will have” Automated email welcome series, surveys, coupons, polls, and a more personalized content base on the details you’ve collected from your contacts, such as their city, state and more. 

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