ConvertKit Review

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Convertkit is a software that has the ability to create marketing automation and email marketing, it will also help you generate Leads. With Convertkit you can create your Landing Page.

Convertkit is used by bloggers, content creators and business who wants to promote the content from their websites.

Convertkit is often considered an alternative to ClickFunnels and HelloBar.

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Table of content

  • What is Convertkit?

  • About Convertkit?

  • Who is Convertkit for?

  • Convertkit Features

    • Automations

    • Email Designer

    • Landing Pages

    • Sign up forms

    • Integrations

  • Convertkit Pricing

    • Free

    • Complete

  • Convertkit FAQs

    • What’s the difference between the free plan and Complete plan?

    • Is Convertkit CRM?

    • How long is Convertkit Trial?

    • Does Converkit have landing pages?

  • Convertkit Pros and Cons

  • Convertkit Alternatives

    • Mailchimp

    • Activecampaign

    • MailerLite

    • Getresponse

    • Flodesk

    • Constant Contact 

    • Aweber

    • Drip

    • Leadpages

    • Kajabi

  • Final Thoughts

What is Convertkit?

It’s one of the fastest-growing email marketing companies. It is a full-service email provider that offers customizable sign-up forms, landing pages, and automation. With Convertkit you will spend less time on email marketing and more on creating. 

They have features that make email marketing simple, easy, and the best way to connect with your audience. 

About Convertkit

Convertkit was created by Nathan Berry. The main goal of Convertkit is to make email easier and more robust for professional creators, Behind Converttkit you will find a 57 member team that is spread around the globe across 47 cities. 

Who is Convertkit for?

For Bloggers

“The pricing of this email marketing service is a big reason I switched over. I used Aweber before and they would charge you additionally if you have the same person on two lists. Whereas ConvertKit would only count that same person on two lists as one. This saved me tons of money that I was being overcharged with Aweber.”

For Technology Services

“We find it very limited in customization so it’s mainly taking it or leave type of features. We could not block free mailers from subscribing or use custom CSS for the same purpose. In general, it is not a tool to use if you care about following brand identity of your own The set-up process is tedious with Wordpress websites. But, Good clean interface. Has a bit of everything.” Karan K.

For Marketing Agencies

“ I refer all of my clients to ConvertKit if I can get to them before they are locked into Mailchimp. It's a bit spendier for small lists, but the functionality is SO worth it. The tags, sequences etc allow even rookie marketers to set up smart funnels & sequences. I love this product.” Alexa R.

For Coaches and other Services

“Due to the ease of ConvertKit, I email way more. I am not getting fancy yet with sequences, but in a matter of using it only for 2 weeks, the way the software is set up, I am begging to formulate big picture sequences, strategize campaigns and IN TRUTH, I was never able to look at my health coaching service and online webinars like this because of my background in education. As an educator we don't think like this because our students just come to us, the stress of "getting clients" was so large and overwhelming until I found something like convert kit to make me BE more present and visible online. I AM SO GRATEFUL!” Stephanie D.

ConvertKit Features


ConvertKit provides a visual automated builder where you can send well-timed, targeted content to your target and audience. It is very important to send the targeted content at the right time and to the right audience.  

The automation features involve tagging subscribers and setting sequences. The tags and sequences allow you to be agile with your email marketing, retarget, and build smart marketing funnels with very little effort. Take into consideration that it may take a little bit of time to learn how to fully use and build sequences. When you get the drill you will easily explain it to your clients. 

Email Designer

Convertkit provides you with many templates that you can easily edit as you need. You can change the spacing, font, color, button style, and more. If you want a more personalized email and you know about coding you can add CSS code and design it as you need. 

Landing Pages

Convertkit has landing pages templates that you can use for your website, you will be able to edit basic stuff. The Landing page builder has basic tools to edit the page, but you have the option to custom CSS if you know about coding. 

One of the good things about these features is that Convertkit has integration with Unsplash. You will be able to choose the 100,000 + images that they available to use. But there is a limited possibility for designing and customizing the landing page. 

Sign up forms

Remember that many times the forms are the first impressions and the points of entry that allows you to communicate with your audience. You will have an unlimited signup forms, responsive templates, customizable designs, and they are GDPR compliant. 

You will gain more subscribers on a regular basis if you use this feature. One of the downsize about Convertkit is that they are limited with the design options, there is not much room for creativity, but they are very functional. 


Convertkit integrates many tools for your business that are important for having everything in one place. One of the most useful integrations that it has is with Shopify that it will make your work easier. They have integrations for E-commerce, Lead capture, webinar services, affiliate management, CRM, Scheduling, and so much more. 

Convertkit Pricing


For starters, Convertkit’s Free Plan it’s pretty solid. It’ll let you manage up to a thousand subscribers and also offers unlimited landing pages, just to mention some highlights. Another good asset it’s that it’ll let you customize your domain, something that it’s not usual for free services, and also lets you pick from over 30 professional templates so you’re good to go and don’t waste any time from the start! 


The complete plan’s price grows proportionally according to your subscriber count. The more subscribers you need to take care of, the pricey it gets, but the benefits also increase. It goes from as cheap as $29/month to over $3000/month (but this is only if you’ve got over a million subscribers to take care of).  Aside from what’s already in the free plan, you get premium support and assistance with integrations and migrations from other platforms and services you already had, so everything’s handy in one place! 

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