Elastic Email Review: Coming Soon in 2020

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Elastic Email is a software for Email Marketing and Marketing Automation that helps you with the communication with your customers. With Elastic Email you can build your Landing Page and use the A/B testing tools that they have available.

Elastic Email is used by marketing agencies, entrepreneurs and businesses.

Elastic Email is often considered an alternative to ClickFunnels, Market Hero, and MailerLite

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Table of Content 

  • Elastic Email Success Story

  • What is Elastic Email?

  • About Elastic Email 

  • Who is Elastic Email for?

  • Elastic Email Features

    • Email Marketing

    • Email API

    • Integrations

    • Email Automations

    • Email Verification Service

  • Elastic Email Pricing

    • Email Marketing Pricing

    • Email API Pricing

  • FAQs

    • Is Elastic Email Free?

    • Can you build Landing Pages with Elastic Email?

    • Does Elastic Email offer live chat support?

  • Elastic Email Pros and Cons

  • Elastic Email Alternatives

    • Sendgrid

    • Zoho Campaigns

    • Mailchimp

    • Sendpulse

    • GetResponse

    • MailerLite

    • Sendinblue

    • Converkit

  • Final Thoughts

What is Elastic Email?

Elastic Email is an email delivery platform, it works as a plugin for Wordpress and depending on your plan you can send unlimited emails. While many email service providers pay third parties to actually deliver their email, Elastic Email have written every line down to the protocol level. 

About Elastic Email

In 2010, Joshua Perina and Michal Bochnak started working together to make email more efficient. As a result they created a fast, flexible and cost-effective service that benefits customers. 

Who is Elastic Email for?

For Marketing Agencies

“After spending tons of money at MailChimp, Elastic Email gave everything that MailChimp did, but for about 33% less the price. I like that Elastic Email is so easy to set up and get going. The pricing and features are way more appealing than MailChimp.” - Daniel B. Marketing and Project Manager. 

For Services

“Overall, Elastic Email may lack some of the smoothness and ease-of-use of some of the larger email marketing providers, but it certainly makes up for that with it's low price. Overall, we're pretty happy with Elastic Email, but have found other resources that offer us higher deliverability.” Max D. Real Estate.

For Developers

“Elastic email is an essential tool for a startup when it comes to carrying out its marketing campaign, customer statistics analysis, blacklists, white lists, template design and a large number of benefits at low costs.” Josmar J.  Java Developer.

Elastic Email Features

Email Marketing

You can create beautiful branded email, all you need is your creativity and build your emails in just a few minutes. Create unlimited number of web forms and grow your audience and build landing pages with the pre-designed templates or build your own ideas. 

Email API

When you create an account with Elastic Email you can get an API Key and setup in less than 3 minutes. With your API Key permissions you will get better control for your integrations and secure your sending processes with the multiple API Key option or specific Access Levels. Send transactional or marketing emails directly from your application, and you can get instant notifications for the latest changes on any email. 


Connect your account with one of the 3rd party solutions that are integrated into your business and get even more conversions, you can integrate it with Wordpress, Zapier, Piesync, Drupal and so much more. 

Email Automations

With this feature you can build better relationships, create automated funneles and send targeted content to the right subscribers at the right time. Elastic Emails provis you with analytics that help you monitor the effects of your entire campaign.

Email Verification Service

Verify 1 email or 1 million with a single API call. Elastic Email can clean lists of any size in around 6-11 minutes. You can also Eliminate typos, misspellings, role emails and spam traps quickly and efficiently. Save money and improve your sending reputation by avoiding “red-flag” addresses that send your mail to the spam folder.

Elastic Email Pricing

Email Marketing Pricing

It has two different plans:


Starting at  $10/mo for 10,000 contacts, the price increases depending on the amount of contacts you have. It offers Unlimited Emails, Access to Email delivery engine that allows you to send your email on their ultra-fast via HTTP API or SMTP relay. Use their email and landing page templates for each of your needs. You can also use their autoresponder to Automate your replies with additional options for your campaigns.

Unlimited Pro

Starting at $30/mo for 10,000 contacts, you have all Unlimited features, plus Email Automations, Faster delivery speed, create unlimited tags for users to keep your communication even more personalized, Over one month od detailed emails logs available, whitelabel your IP hosting name and improve your delivery and get instant notifications of important email events. 

Email API Pricing

Pay as you go pricing for SMTP and HTTP API senders, you can choose between two different plans:

Email API

For just $0.09/1000 emails, you can fully integrate Elastic Email tools into your website or app and send campaigns through SMTP relay. You will also have an email designer, landing page editor, web forms, extend your campaigns with SMS communication by connecting via API.


For just $0.10/1000 emails plus $1/day you can have all Email API features, plus Inbound Email processing, instant notifications from important email events, unlimited custom fields, user management, sub accounts and priority support. 

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