Which is Better: Funnel Gorgeous or CF Design School? [2019]

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Before I get started, the summary of this article is that I think CF Design School is a better product than Funnel Gorgeous. So much so that I offer $200 Funnel Design Scholarship for free to anyone who signs up for CF Design School with our special link (which you can get by clicking any yellow button, like the one below).

People use this scholarship to cover the costs of the CF Design School training. For example, Susan is one of our CF Design School scholarship recipients from this last month.

Okay, now to the details:

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What is Funnel Gorgeous?

Funnel Gorgeous is a company started by Julie Stoian and Cathy Olsen. They have two main products.

Product #1: Funnel Gorgeous Course.

This course goes through several different design tactics (but not any strategy). Things like design tips for mobile or CSS tricks. It costs $297.

Product #2: Funnel Gorgeous Drops

This is the BIGGEST difference between CF Design School and Funnel Gorgeous. We'll go over why in the next sections.

What are Funnel Gorgeous Drops?

Every month, Funnel Gorgeous designs a brand new template and sends it to all of their users to implement in their funnels (if they want).

Our Overall Review of Funnel Gorgeous?

Our hang up with Funnel Gorgeous is this. Because they sell templates, there is an incentive to make sure that their Funnel Gorgeous course doesn't teach you enough to design your own.

The design course would probably be more accurately describes as 'Learn how to tweak the templates we give you' rather than 'learn how to design your own funnels'.

For this reason, the comparison between the Funnel Gorgeous course and CF Design School isn't even close. CF Design School is vocally 'ANTI-template' for this very reason.

What is CF Design School?

We write all about it in detail right here. But in summary, CF Design School is an in-depth training program that teaches you a repeatable system to design highly converting websites, even if you aren't a designer or coder, and without needing templates.

We love it, and strongly recommend you check out the review we linked to above. Or, if you're convinced, let us know where to send your $200 Funnel Design Scholarship link by clicking the yellow button.

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