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Joan Randall went from being “beaten, broke and homeless” to being a vice president at Macy’s, and now she’s giving back. After sharing her moving story and words of encouragement, she found people lined up after the event, eager to book her to speak at other conferences and high schools. By 2016, she realized she wanted to expand her reach beyond the local level and help more women recovering from domestic violence. She launched a coaching business, Victorious You, where she helps women go from “stuck to success.”

How Ontraport Helped?

  • Gained the same number of signups for her coaching program in December 2017 (the first month she implemented Ontraport) as she had for the entire previous year.

  • Launched a landing page and form to attract clients to her free consultation calls.

  • Streamlined consultation appointment scheduling and email follow-up to save time and stop dropping leads.

For the first 18 months of her business, Joan was “spinning around like a hamster in a wheel” and using numerous tools to run her business, none of which talked to one another. Joan has since streamlined her sales process entirely using Ontraport.

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    • What if you want to cancel your account later?

  • Final Thoughts

Real Ontraport Customer Reviews

For Coaches 

Melissa P.

Digital Productivity Coach - E-Learning

“We are on our way to taking over the world using this software. It has opened up so many doors for us. Originally, we were looking for a software to create a "drip" email marketing campaign. After talking to ONTRAPORT customer service about all the features, we ended up completely migrating our CRM from another software. We even use it to create customized landing pages for our clients. We've done way more than we ever intended to do with ONTRAPORT. The customer service, training, and knowledge base are out of this world.”

For Marketing Agencies

Carolyn B.

Freelance Consultant

Marketing and Advertising

I use Ontraport as a team member to manage client files and support membership-related inquiries. I love how easy it is to work with client files and support customers with their inquiries. In general, I've found this particular Ontraport feature relatively easy to learn, and in comparison, found it much easier and more user-intuitive than Infusionsoft. I can't speak to the marketing automation aspects, other than my client has installed a powerful and complex automated marketing email system and it seems to work quite well. Overall, this is a great software, especially if you're thinking of outsourcing CRM and support-related tasks.”

For Business Owners

Catriona H.

Business Owner

“Ontraport is amazing - its vast number of features means it can supercharge your business. From drag and drop web page construction to marketing funnels and all the standard CRM features, it means my business can be nearly fully automated, from SMS reminders to the checkout.”

What is Ontraport?

Ontraport is an all in one CRM and Marketing Software. Which allows you to create Landing Pages, Partner & Referral Programs, Marketing and Sales Force Automation. Provides you with Marketing Analytics and helps you with your Ecommerce business.

Ontraport Pricing

Free trial 

You can try Ontraport for 14 days for Free! One of the other positive things is that you are not required to use a credit card.

Ontraport offers four plans: 


($79/month) you are able to have up to 1,000 contacts, unlimited emails, and one system user.


($147/month) you are able to have up to 2,000 contacts, unlimited emails, and one system user.


($297/month) you are able to have up to 10,000 contacts, unlimited emails, and one system user.


($497/month) you are able to have up to 20,000 contacts, unlimited emails, and one system user.

Ontraport Main Features


Ontraport allows you to manage all your leads in one central CRM system. This helps you optimize the communication with your customers, you will be able to keep in track contact information, purchases, online engagement and more. Thanks to the CRM you will be able to have detailed insights that are valuable information for your business. 

Customers Cons:

Some customers have pointed that Ontraport CRM is not as “robust” as they would like, and the reporting that they provide could be more detailed. 

Email Marketing 

Email has become a powerful tool where you can get in touch with your customers, sending them promotions, newsletters, updates and more. Ontraport provides you with the tools to do it.  You can use the templates that they have available and that you can easily tailor to your needs. 

Landing Pages 

Ontraport has a drag and drop interface that shows you exactly how you are designing your page, without the help of a designer or a developer. Use the templates that they have available and get your landing page done in just a few minutes. 


If  you want to sell products online, you can totally do it with the help of Ontraport. You will be able to customize your web builder, set up responsive order, create personal coupons and more. 

Ontraport Resources

Are you starting your business? First time designing your website? Ontraport has your back. They provide A LOT of resources that you can take advantage of. Step-by-Step Templates that will give you through all the process. They also have available a podcast that will be very helpful to keep on track of the new trends. 

Final Thoughts

Ontraport it’s specially configured for education-based organizations and membership-based sites. So, if your business falls into that category you will find Ontraport very helpful. In case your business is focused in another area, you will still find many features that work perfectly, like email automation that is useful for marketers. 

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