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Bluehost Review [2021]: Pricing Loopholes + Red Flags

Bluehost is a cheap and easy hosting provider for Wordpress websites. It's great for beginners, and is actually what I used for my first website!

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Amy Simmons was en route to become a doctor. Now she’s celebrating her 45th year as an ice cream entrepreneur.

In 2017, the company brought in over $9 million in sales. So how did she grow from selling $4 ice cream cones to 15 locations and multi-million dollars in sales?

Bluehost - Amy Ice Cream

One important tool she uses is Bluehost.

In fact, she even celebrated a decade with the web host on their 16th birthday this past July with a special “Bluehost Birthday Batter.”

Bluehost Batter

Using Bluehost for her website helped Amy's business - the question is: can it help you?

Our comprehensive review will help you answer that question - is Bluehost is a good fit for your business?

I cover Bluehost’s features, have two quizzes, and have real-life reviews from customers, all to help you make that decision.

If you discover Bluehost isn't a good fit for your business (it isn't for about half our readers), I'll help you with the next steps of your search.

3. If you decide Bluehost is NOT for you, respond to the email I sent you.  I will help you find the right product, and match you with a different scholarship you can take advantage of.

Okay, on to the review.

Table of Contents

What is Bluehost? Quick Summary:

Bluehost proudly holds the title as the #1 hosting recommendation by Wordpress. This isn’t without reason. Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting companies on the market today.

If this is your first website, Bluehost is very beginning friendly. Here's how Bluehost hosting works:

In the real world, you need a physical location to start a business and sell your products.

Similarly, a website existing in the digital space needs a location. The files, images, and HTML code of your website need to be stored in a place where your web visitors can access them whenever they visitor your website.

That's how every web host works - but what makes Bluehost beginner-friendly is that you can set all of this up and install Wordpress on your Bluehost account with just one click.

Our Bluehost Rating

Web hosting isn’t a one size fits all solution, so I've rated Bluehost based on unique business segments.

Bluehost for Startups:

Startup Meeting

OVERALL: ★★★☆☆ - 3/5 stars.

PRICING: ★★★★★ - 5/5 stars.

EASE OF USE: ★★★★★ - 5/5 stars.


Non-tech, bootstrapped entrepreneurs who need a website NOW can't find better prices than Bluehost. Starting at only $3.95 a month, you get your hosting, Plus you also receive free domain name.

Plus, it's a one click install process to get Wordpress up and running on your hosting, which makes setting up your site very easy.


It's inexpensive and easy for someone without coding skills to get up and running.

So why not a 5 star rating? Because some startups need hosting that focus on customization, developer tools, or integrations. If you are worried about things like continuous deployment, containers, or auto-scaling, Bluehost won't work for your startup... go set yourself up on AWS.

If you don't know what those things are, then Bluehost is built for you.

Bluehost for Small Business:

Main Street Cafe

OVERALL: ★★★★☆ - 4/5 stars.

PRICING: ★★★★☆ - 4/5 stars.

EASE OF USE: ★★★★★ - 5/5 stars.


Bluehost isn’t just a great hosting platform for businesses who are starting out. It’s also a great long-term option for small businesses. In addition to cheap startup costs and a free domain, Bluehost members receive a free SSL certificate and 24/7 support. The easy to use cPanel interface is great for beginners and comes with a wide array of features that cover most of the technical issues a small business will face.


Small businesses will benefit from looking into Bluehost as their web hosting option. The budget-friendly platform is generally quick, easy to use, and has reliable servers. Its a great choice for a small business that needs a cost effective site.

Bluehost for Enterprise:


OVERALL: ★☆☆☆☆ - 1/5 stars.

PRICING: ★★★☆☆ - 3/5 stars.

EASE OF USE: ★★☆☆☆ - 2/5 stars.


If you need multiple servers, have to manage multiple security credentials and deal with heavy levels of traffic, Bluehost can do it... but not well.


Robust site security for Wordpress sites is better from WPEngine. Managing credentials and security is better with AWS. Server, developer tools and auto-scaling are better with AWS or GCP.

Bluehost isn't the best choice for enterprise problems.

Bluehost for eCommerce:

Ecommerce Shopper

OVERALL: ★★★☆☆ - 3/5 stars.

PRICING: ★★★★☆ - 4/5 stars.

EASE OF USE: ★★☆☆☆ - 2/5 stars.


You can use a combo of Bluehost hosting + Wordpress + WooCommerce to run an eCommerce site (and many sites do).

If you do, you need to know you'll need an SSL certificate on your site in order to take payments, and that isn't available on the lower-cost Bluehost plans.

Wordpress and WooCommerce are free, but in order to get a fully featured eCommerce store, you need to add several plugins (free and paid).


Using the Bluehost + WooCommerce combo for an eCommerce store is definitely doable... but if your main focus is eCommerce, then I'd suggest looking in to a eCommerce specific platform like Shopify.

Bluehost for Blogs:

Shopify Blogger Image

OVERALL: ★★★★★ - 5/5 stars.

PRICING: ★★★★★ - 5/5 stars.

EASE OF USE: ★★★★★ - 5/5 stars.


Do you spend most of your time releasing content rather than selling products? Bluehost is a great hosting option to run or start a blog because of its simplicity, superior support, and cost.

It takes one click to install Wordpress on your Bluehost hosting so you can get to work on your blog within minutes of buying Bluehost.

And, if you ever get stuck, 24/7 phone and chat support is available for all customers.

Plus, the fact that you can get fast speeds and 99.99% Up-time at such a low cost makes this a great choice for blogs that need a cost-effective choice that just works.


Whether you already run a blog or are thinking about starting one, Bluehost is a great option. It’s easy to use and affordable, which makes the perfect pairing for information and blog sites that don’t have to worry about processing payments from customers.


Does Bluehost already sound like a good match for you? Then make sure to click here (or the yellow button) and tell me where to send your unique link so you can get $30 Wordpress Builder Scholarship when you buy from Bluehost.

Click here to get the link to the $30 Wordpress Builder Scholarship.

All Bluehost Pricing Plans

Thanks to a large marketing push, many people know that Bluehost plans start around $7.99 a month (or $2.95 with the promotion).

Bluehost Pricing Overview

Bluehost also offers 10 different web hosting plans with various features and price points...

...but you probably haven't seen them because they are hidden away from the home page across several different pages.

Luckily, I have all of their plans summarized below: Note: This is the official pricing and promotions of Bluehost. Any other website offering additional discounts off of Bluehost pricing should be a red flag - any price discounts outside of Bluehost are against the terms of service.


Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans

Shared Basic - Price: $2.95/month

This is a great price point and has everything you need to get started for a single website.

Your basic limitations are that you can have only one website, and you have limited storage space (50gb... which is still plenty for most websites).

Choice Plus - Price: $5.45/month

The extra features you get at this price point are:

  • Unlimited domains and websites
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Spam protection
  • 30 days free trial for Office 365 mail
  • Domain privacy
  • Site backup

This is the price point I personally have signed up for (and suggested to others).

Shared Pro - Price: $13.95/month

The extra feature you get at this level is a dedicated IP address.

The benefit you might get from this is if you plan to send emails through Bluehost... a dedicated IP usually leads to better email deliverability (avoiding the spam folder).

VPS Hosting

When you’re looking for “power, control, and flexibility” with Bluehost the VPS plan is the right choice for you. This next-gen hosting plan is a great choice for….

  • Moderate to high traffic
  • Those needing scalability with on-demand resources
  • Full root access with additional control

Bluehost built their virtual private servers from the ground up relying solely on SSD storage.

Bluehost VPS Pricing

Standard VPS - Price: $18.99/month

Here are the specs you get at the Standard plan:

  • 2 cores
  • 30GB SSD Storage
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1 TB Bandwidth

Enhanced VPS - Price: $29.99/month

Here are the specs you get at the Enhanced plan:

  • 2 cores
  • 60GB SSD Storage
  • 4GB RAM
  • 2 TB Bandwidth

Ultimate VPS - Price: $59.99/month

Here are the specs you get at the Enhanced plan:

  • 4 cores
  • 120GB SSD Storage
  • 8GB RAM
  • 3 TB Bandwidth

Dedicated Hosting

Website owners that are looking for “the ultimate performance, security, and control” can feel great about choosing a plan that offers improved security and complete customization. The Dedicated hosting plan is great for…

  • Websites with high traffic
  • Resource intensive needs
  • Ultimate performance and security

Bluehost’s dedicated hosting was designed especially for robust websites with these higher-needs.

Dedicated Bluehost Hosting

Standard Dedicated Hosting - Price: $79.99/month

Features at this price point:

  • 4 cores @ 2.3 GHz
  • 500 GB Mirrored Storage
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 5 TB Bandwidth
  • 3 IP Addresses

Enhanced Dedicated Hosting - Price: $99.99/month

Features at this price point:

  • 4 cores @ 2.5 GHz
  • 1 TB Mirrored Storage
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 10 TB Bandwidth
  • 4 IP Addresses

Premium Dedicated Hosting - Price: $119.99/month

Features at this price point:

  • 4 cores @ 3.3 GHz
  • 1 TB Mirrored Storage
  • 16 4 GB RAM
  • 15 TB Bandwidth
  • 5 IP Addresses

Bluehost Features: Pros and Cons

By now you might have an idea Bluehost and be well-acquainted with the various plans that Bluehost offers, but how does the hosting company that powers over 2 million websites really measure up?

Here is what’s great and what could be improved regarding Bluehost’s features.

Bluehost Features and Functions

Unlimited hosting and storage

One of the biggest incentives to host your website on Bluehost is the idea of “unlimited” hosting. Unlimited disk storage allows you to store all of your files in a single hosting directory, all without worrying about exceeding your plan limit.

Paired with unlimited domains, most businesses have more than they could ever expect to use at costs of only a few dollars a month.


Bluehost wasn’t always “unlimited”. It’s clear that they have invested a lot in improving the overall platform for users. They are capable of providing their members with unlimited storage space, in addition to unlimited bandwidth transfer and add-on domain capacity for all shared hosting plans.


Like other hosting platform that claim to be “unlimited”, Bluehost does actually have limitations if your website grows very complex and popular... but almost all small businesses will never reach them.


  • 50,000 files (INODE) limit per account
  • 2GB per MySQL database size limit
  • 1,000 database tables limit


Bluehost CGI Databases Features

This Section is For Techies:

Bluehost supports several scripting / coding languages, such as PHP (which is what most customers use since they are are on Wordpress), as well as Perl, Python, and Ruby on Rails.

CGI is used as middleware and there is a library of scripts you can use rather than writing your own.

They also support both MySQL and PostgreSQL databases (again, the majority using MySQL because of the heavy usage of Wordpress).


You or your developer will be able to do almost anything you want coding-wise on Bluehost.


You are limited to MySQL and PostgreSQL, but this is only a con for a small group of potential Bluehost customers, since most Bluehost users are using it for Wordpress hosting.

Free Website Scripts

Automatic installation of Wordpress isn't the only thing Bluehost can do. Bluehost has scripts to help you create forums, social networking sites and more... all for free.


Bluehost’s free website scripts are valuable to beginners and non-technical businesses. They allow users to create professional websites without having to hire a web programmer.


No cons! Bluehost’s free website scripts are functional, easy-to-use, and insanely simple to install.

eCommerce Integration

Just like you can install Wordpress in a single click on Bluehost, you can also quickly install WooCommerce (the free Wordpress eCommerce extension). Bluehost also offers free SSL certificates that you need to take payments on eCommerce sites.


With one click integration with apps like WooCommerce and Wordpress, you can easily get a store up and running in a few hours.


WooCommerce isn't actually a part of Bluehost. Bluehost offers easy installation, but it doesn't provide WooComerce itself, meaning you don't actually need Bluehost if you want an eCommerce platform.

I actually recommend to people who are looking for a pure eCommerce solution to check out Shopify (and I have a scholarship bonus for Shopify too called 'eCommerce Builder Scholarship) While Bluehost offers some benefits and ease of use for eCommerce stores, they don’t specifically offer an eCommerce plan to members.


The cPanel puts all of your hosting features in one place, making it easy for non-techincal users to get the most out of the platform.


The Bluehost dashboard and control-panel is easy-to-use. Non-technical business owners and beginners are able to quickly adapt and take control of their websites features in a powerful panel.

All of your website’s design, monitoring, and maintenance tools are in one intuitive and straightforward location.

It also has integrations with Cloudflare for your CDN when you're ready to enhance your website speed.


No cons, but the cPanel is about the same you would expect from other web hosts, so I wouldn't make my decision to sign up for Bluehost based on this feature.

Built-In Security

Bluehost takes their security very seriously, and it shows in their available features. Spam Experts, Spam Hammer, and Spam Assassin are just some of the tools they’ve incorporated to fight off email spam.

Bluehost also offer hotline protection to stop bandwidth bandits and file thieves, and you are also able to block specific IPs, along with IP ranges.

Two-factor authentication is also an important tool to prevent anyone from signing in to your Bluehost account without your knowledge or permission.


These security tools are pretty standard across high quality hosts, and are sufficient for most users.


Bluehost has a problem I've personally experienced when it comes to security: Phishing.

For several years, scammers have been sending emails to Bluehost users about 'urgent issues' with their Bluehost hosting, pretending to be Bluehost.

Always be careful, and I suggest never click any links in any emails from Bluehost, and instead just go straight to in your browser any time you get an alert.

You also won't get the granularity of security controls that you will on other sites like AWS. But again, that doesn't really affect most Wordpress users.

24/7 Expert Support


Bluehost is known as one of the few website hosts who offer 24/7 email, live chat, and phone support.

Additionally, Bluehost offers assistance to members who want to leverage the flexibility and power of Wordpress, but may need help getting started in a support program called Blue Flash.

Blue Flash agents are knowledgeable in both Bluehost and Wordpress dashboard, and can walk you through the basic elements of launching your site, as well as choosing appropriate themes and plugins.


Bluehost 24/7 support is geared towards general tech support, billing support, and sales support, and seems generally able to answer straightforward site and hosting questions. This is generally good for people who are just starting out and need help setting things up.


Bluehost is known for outsourcing their support, which means that you aren’t likely to speak with someone on-shore the U.S. when you have a technical difficulty.

While the staff seems well-prepared to answer generic tech queries, problems may arise when inquiring about site-specific issues.

Response times also vary quite a bit, ranging from 20 invites to 4 hours (regarding support tickets).

Site Migrations

Not everyone considering Bluehost as their hosting management is starting with a fresh site. In some cases, you might need to migrate your site from another host or platform, in which Bluehost has got you covered.


Site migration is a necessary hosting feature. Bluehost’s site migration works quickly and efficiently to transfer all of your data and files to the new platform. They also offer expert assistance to help you with the process.


Several shared hosting providers will transfer your website from your existing server to your new server for free. Migration on Bluehost, however, is going to cost $149.99 per site if you don’t know how to perform a site migration yourself.

Bluehost Quizzes

If you’ve made it this far, you may already see some benefits in choosing Bluehost as your site host. But, I don’t like to make decisions off of maybes. I'm here to help you answer the two toughest questions, “Is Bluehost right for me?” And “Is Bluehost really worth it?”

Is Bluehost Right For Me?

Are you a large / enterprise-sized business?


Bluehost isn't for you. Bluehost targets beginners and small businesses. If you are looking for something with more security and capacity for scale, consider WPEngine for Wordpress sites, or AWS for other sites.


Bluehost could work. Some small businesses need bigger, more complicated websites (like web apps or SAAS products), and those aren't a great fit.

...but if you're on a budget or have straightforward needs (like hosting a Wordpress website), Bluehost is an awesome choice.

What is your technical level?


Bluehost is built specifically for you. You can set up a Wordpress website on Bluehost with just one click of a button. Lots of people (including me), built their first websites on Bluehost.


Bluehost isn't targeted to the technical, but if you're looking for cheap hosting for a LAMP stack project, it could work. I personally would prefer a solution like Heroku, Digital Ocean or AWS ec2 for a technical project, but

Each account comes with a traditional cPanel, with tools like phpmyadmin that could let your hack away at your project if you really wanted to.

What's most important to you as a website owner?


Bluehost is for you. It's a great combination of price and simplicity for Wordpress hosting.


WPEngine would be a better fit for you. Read our review of it here.

So, do you think Bluehost is right for your business?

If so, click the button below to claim your bonus before you buy:

Click here to get the link to the $30 Wordpress Builder Scholarship.

Is Bluehost Worth It?

A Bluehost membership will cost you anywhere from $2.95 to $209.99 a month based on storage, bandwidth, and other additional features.

While things seem affordable and low-risk on the lower end of the pricing scale, you'll still ant to make sure that you are getting your money's worth. Plus, most successful websites will need to scale at a certain point to Bluehost's higher tiers.

Full Project Scope ROI: Bluehost is cheap, but are you considering other costs that you may have to pay for as well?

Which of these best describes you?


It sounds like you won't need anything but Bluehost for your website - you won't be paying anything extra to get your website up and running.


SSL certificates aren't available on the lower plans of Bluehost, so you need to adjust your pricing expectations higher than only paying $2.95 a month.


Premium Wordpress themes can range in price, BUT sites like Wix or other Wordpress hosts like WPEngine offer hosting AND themes. So when you do your analysis, don't compare Bluehost pricing to WPEngine pricing. Instead compare Bluehost pricing + premium theme to WPEngine pricing alone.


You can have an online store with Bluehost, but you need other tools, like Wordpress and their eCommerce plugin WooCommerce. You'll also need other software like email software and payment processing. Keep that in mind if you compare the pricing of Bluehost to eCommerce platforms like Shopify.

Business Model ROI: Is your annual budget for your website under $200?


Bluehost is built for smaller budgets, it's one of the most affordable web hosting options.


Bluehost can still be a part of your strategy if you have a large budget... but the vast majority of Bluehost customers are low-budget customers. If you have a large enough budget, it probably indicates your business needs upgraded hosting: I suggest WPEngine.

So, does Bluehost fit your ROI goals?

If so, remember to get your bonus by clicking the button below

Click here to get the link to the $30 Wordpress Builder Scholarship.

Bluehost Reviews: What others have to say

Don’t take our word for it! Found out how other business owners and web managers feel about using Bluehost for their company.

Whitney Bingham - owner @ Business by Design - ★★★★★


"Bluehost is easy to use and much more affordable than other hosting platforms. I also love that if I ever have trouble with something the customer service is available on an instant chat and have always been able to help me get my problem resolved."

Chris Bell - fitness coach @ BigLeanBodybuilding - ★★★★☆


"Bluehost has incredibly fast hosting. Once, I created a weight loss quiz and the page was loading in around 1.2 seconds.... I love how Bluehost automatically integrates Wordpress into websites..."

Bluehost FAQs

Is Bluehost a scam?

As a top trusted hosting provider since 2005, employing over 750 employees and actively powering over 2 million websites worldwide, I can confidently say that Bluehost is not a scam. So why would someone say that Bluehost is a scam?

After extensively reading reviews and reports on the Internet, and also verifying the legitimacy of these statements I've come across some common complaints that may cause people to say that Bluehost is a scam - when its actually a totally legitimate web hosting company.

  • The customer support could be better.

Like I mentioned in our breakdown of Bluehost’s features, response times to serious inquiries can sometimes be delayed. Users have also been disappointed with the lack of knowledge on highly technical issues.

This isn't a scam, but it is frustrating. I personally have had one experience when I was on hold with customer support on their online chat for 2 hours. However, every other time the wait has be under 10 minutes.

  • Automatic renewal.

It’s easy to forget to unsubscribe to features you don’t want to pay for before their renewal date. But that doesn’t mean that Bluehost is a scam.  This has also happened to me and Bluehost pro-rated my payment and refunded me for my unwanted renewal.

  • It isn’t really unlimited.

Another feature I mentioned in our breakdown. It’s true that Bluehost does have fairly expansive capabilities, but those that have extended too much within the capacities of the server have been charged an extra fee.

If you reach this level of usage, you'll be contacted by Bluehost. Also, at lthis level of usage, it really shouldn't come as a surprise that Bluehost will need to increase your bill in order to cover their costs.

  • Deactivation issue.

Some users have had their account deactivated for an “infringement of stipulations”. Most likely meaning they were using their hosting for something other than a website (for example, something like using Bluehost as a private 'Dropbox' service is against their terms of service).

Again, that isn't a scam. Bluehost is web hosting, not anything else.  

None of these complaints equate to Bluehost being a scam of any sort. Bluehost is a well-established, Internet hosting provider with trusted reputation spanning over the past 15 years.

Bluehost Coaching and Support

In addition to 24/7 customer service and support, Bluehost also offers an extensive knowledge base with a number of articles and video tutorials.

Recently, Bluehost deployed the Blue Flash program in partner with Wordpress, to assist business owners with the launch of their site.

Blue Flash

Bluehost Blue Flash

Blue Flash is a free service that is provided to all Bluehost customers. The program was designed for business owners and web managers that want to leverage the flexibility and power of Wordpress, but quite aren’t sure how they can get started.

Blue Flash focuses on helping members familiarize themselves with the WordPress and Bluehost dashboard. Experts of both platforms will also help customers choose the right theme and plugins for the needs of their website.

A representative training in both Wordpress and Bluehost will help you learn the basic elements of each platform to help you build an ideal website quickly and effectively, so you can get the most out of your products.

What do I do now?

Now that you’ve learned why Amy’s Ice Creams and other small businesses have benefited from using Bluehost in their own business, it’s time to decide if Bluehost will work for you!

After reading this review; you likely fall in one of the following three categories:

1. Bluehost sounds great, sign me up!

If Bluehost is for you, remember to sign up with your unique ExpertSumo link so you get the $30 scholarship bonus. Click the yellow button to let me know where to send your link.

Click here to get the link to the $30 Wordpress Builder Scholarship.

2. I’m still not sure, I need to do more research.

Check out the official Bluehost website here, and if y decide to buy, remember to come back here to get your unique link so you can get your ExpertSumo $30 scholarship bonus.

3. I have a few questions, can you help?

Sure! Click the blue message button in the bottom right corner of the screen and leave me a message. They go straight to my phone, and I'll answer them as soon as possible.

see official pricing and features for
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