Sendinblue Review: Coming Soon in 2020

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Sendinblue is a software that has Marketing Analytics and A/B testing tools that are very useful for makeing decisions for your business. It has a CRM, Live chat, SMS Marketing and Email Marketing. With Sendniblue you will be able to create you own landing pages.

Sendinblue is used by entrepreneurs and businesses to sell information products, coaching and training programs, physical eCommerce products and more.

Sendinblue is often considered an alternative to Zendesk and Vcita

We will be giving bonuses and scholarships to all new Sendinblue customers starting in a few weeks.

Table of Content

  • What is Sendinblue?

  • About Sendiblue

  • Who is Sendiblue for?

  • Sendinblue Features

    • CRM

    • Email Marketing

    • SMS Marketing 

    • Marketing Automation

    • Segmentation

    • Landing Pages

    • Email Heat Map

    • A/B Testing

    • Real-time Statistics

  • Sendinblue Pricing

    • Free

    • Lite

    • Essential

    • Premium

    • Enterprise

  • Sendinblue Pros and Cons

  • Sendinblue  Alternatives

    • Mailchimp

    • Sendgrid

    • Mailerlite

    • Hubspot

    • Constant Contact

    • Getresponse

    • Convertkit

  • Final Thoughts

What is Sendinblue?

It is an all-in-one email marketing tool that helps you send all your leads personalized emails and take care of all your campaign needs. Their goal was to provide a platform that fits your budget and still gives you all the automation tools that are needed. These tools empower communication with the leads.

About Sendiblue

The company was founded in 2012 by Armand Thiberge and Kapil Sharma. They believe in diverse, multicultural roots, that makes them stronger and help serve their global client base. 

They have different offices around the globe, from the United States, France, Germany and India. Each of Sendinblue’s offices are unique spaces that creatively reflect the team’s local cultures, interests and passions.

Who is Sendiblue for?

For Marketing Agencies

“Very low cost with a lot of features including unlimited contacts. The only limit really is 300 emails per day max but when you are starting out with email marketing that's not a big deal, especially with newsletters. They have a very nice automation workflow process that has a lot of options similar to big competitors that cost more. Also, if you need to create a new email template it has the option to open a new tab and then easily refresh it, unlike other competitors. The API connection is easy to find and work with. Overall a great software solution for small businesses.” -Matthew V.

For Services

“Architecture and core ideas of Sendinblue are great! These guys know what they are doing about email marketing. Process of integration was very easy. We seamlessly integrated it in about two days with our platform. API is very cool and API documentation is clear as well. Core ideas such as lists, marketing and transactional type of mails are very useful and help us to maintain great email processes. Pricing is very flexible and soft, it perfectly fits our needs and growing plan. I think pricing is the best on the market now. My favorite thing about Sendinblue is its great support team. These guys are always on air and happy to help with any question.” - Alexey P.

For Business Owners

“First, great ability to manage multiple lists, and focus attention on the acquisition of emails without manual entry. Much better pricing than other software depending on your sending habits. Second, Oftentimes I would have to "save as draft" and go back and edit or duplicate from an existing email because the HTML editing interface would crash. Combined with the inability to do anything from mobile meant it was hard to get out important announcements about events and other happenings on short notice.” - David H.

Sendinblue Features


With Sendinblue CRM you manage all your customer relationships in one place. Having all your customer's information in one place is very important to have effective communication. You can create automated follow-up emails and contact list management using marketing automation. 

This feature is helpful for marketing campaigns and organizing your contacts based on similar characteristics, source of acquisition, or any criteria that work best for you.

Email Marketing

In just a few minutes you can assemble an email marketing campaign even using your free account.Sendinblue has available different templates that you can use or you can build your email from scratch.

 By using the contacts that are in your CRM you can easily build and send weekly emails. Find the best message with A/B testing and Sendinblue also helps you find the best time to send your email campaign. If you are the owner of a small business you can use Sendinblue without requiring a large budget. 

SMS Marketing 

SMS Marketing is used for more urgent messages, like email marketing you can target your messages to a specific audience. Most Sendinblue users like it because their pricing is good in relation to its pricing. 

You can schedule this sms based on conditions or events. Personalize SMS messages by adding individual contact attributes such as first name, last name or any other information you want. 

Marketing Automation

This is a great tool that allows you to automate certain tasks in your workflow by defining an automation workflow. Set up different rules and conditions to trigger the actions. Some of the users say that mail automation is good to start but Sendinblue system is a little bit limited. Take that into consideration when you create your automation. 


Emails are more effective when you create relevant content to the users and you send them a tailored message. You can segmentate your audience based on declared interests, previous engagements, purchase history, socio-economic and geographical characteristics. 

By using the segmentation tools provided you can talk more effectively to your contacts and extend the life of your customer relationships. 

Landing Pages

Most Sendinblue customers use it to create email campaigns, but you can easily create landing pages that can match your brand. Use their drag and drop builder to build it from scratch or use one the templates that they have available. 

You add CTA and promote an event. Set up your goal with your landing page that will help you grow faster and engage with your page visitors.  

A/B Testing

Many customers tend to not use this tool, but do not take it for granted. This a tool that can help you optimize your campaigns by testing two ideas and get the insights that you need. Don’t waste time guessing what works best you, simply test it. After it, choose the version that performs the best according to your criteria once the test is finished. 

Real-time Statistics

Real-time statistics illustrate the entire journey of your emails, from the moment it was delivered to your customer to the moment they click it, these events are aggregated by the second and minute. This way, you can monitor your sending volume and spot any potential issues as they arise.

Sendinblue Pricing


With the free plan you will receive 300 email limit a day and unlimited contacts. You will be able to use one of their many design templates to  create emails and customize it as you need. Personalize messages with your contacts’ first name, birthday and more. 


For $25 per month, you will have a 40,000 email limit  per month, you will have all the free plan benefits plus no daily sending limit.


For $39 per month or $35.10 with annual payment. you will have a limit of 60,000 email limit per month. You will have all the benefits of a Lite plan plus Removing Sendinblue logo from emails and optimizing your campaign’s engagement with A/B testing.


This is the most popular plan for just $66 per month or $59.40 with annual payment. You will have a 12,000 email limit per month. You will have all Essential plan features plus, creating and launching of Facebook ads directly from Sendinblue account. Improve your conversions by showing ads to people that have visited your site already. As well, you will be able to create landing pages. 


If you have more advanced needs, Sendiblue has the Enterprise plan. You will have to message them to get a quote and more information about the monthly price depending on your need. You will have priority support, dedicated account manager and infrastructure. SSO and priority sending emails. 

Sendinblue Pros and Cons


Very easy to use, with a very intuitive interface.

Works perfectly with the HTML code. No layout changes.

Its deliverability is very good. I get very good responses on my promotional campaigns


Its API functionality is a little complicated to understand. Users need to have good technical knowledge to use it.

Automation is limited

product and bonus
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