Toptal Review: Coming Soon in 2020

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Toptal is a platform that has highly skilled freelancers with talents in development, design, finance and project management.

Toptal is great for startups who need expert help, but can't afford to bring someone on full time. I've personally used them before for development AND design and loved my experience.

They are a premium alternative for places like Upwork or Craigslist.

We will be giving bonuses and scholarships to all new Toptal customers starting in a few weeks.

We will cover some of the topics below:

If you can't wait, you can learn more about these topics in detail here

  • What is Toptal?

  • Toptal for Hiring Talent

    • Service:

      • Developers

      • Designers

      • Finance Experts

      • Project Manager

      • Product Manager

    • Clients of Toptal

      • Enterprises

      • Startups

      • Agencies

      • Studios

      • Labs

  • Review of Toptal from the freelancer’s perspective

  • Review of Toptal from the client’s perspective

  • Applying to Toptal as a freelancer

    • Toptal Screening Process

    • Toptal Careers 

    • Matching Process with Client

    • Billing Methods in Toptal

  • Pricing 

    • Hourly

    • Part-Time

    • Full-Time

  • FAQs for Hires

    • How much does Toptal cost?

    • How is Toptal different?

    • What methods of payment Toptal accept?

    • Where is Toptal based?

    • Is Toptal good?

  • FAQs for Freelancers

    • How much does toptal pay?

    • How to Join toptal?

    • How long is the process of hiring?

  • Competitors and Alternatives:

    • Upwork

    • PeoplePerHour

    • 99designs

    • FlexJobsCorporation

    • TaskRabbit

    • CodementorX

    • Crossover

  • Conclusion

product and bonus
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