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Rolf Inge Holden is the CEO of Conversion Lab. Campaign Monitor is a leader in email marketing, and it guides its customers to fulfill and reach their goals. One of the main problems that they had was that a lot of potential customers landed on their pages but they left; that didn't mean that the visitors weren’t interested in buying, but they didn’t find something appealing for them. They needed engaging landing pages to convert the website visitors into leads. 

That is where they started using Unbounce. One of the advantages of using Unbounce is that they have templates ready to use, and you can customize it to create something appealing for your visitors. After just ONE month of using Unbounce, Campaign Monitor captured over 271 new leads. Thanks to the new landing page that they created with Unbounce. All you have to do is buy Unbounce through the unique ExpertSumo link, which I will email to you - just click the yellow button and tell me where to send it.

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What is Unbounce?

It is a platform where you can create and design landing pages. You don’t need to know about coding to start creating a landing page. It is a drag and drop builder, so all you need is your creativity and customize as you need. 

Unbounce Story

Unbounce started in 2009 when “landing pages” were little more than a buzzword. Rick Perreault, set out to create a better experience for marketers. Today, Unbounce is the world’s leading landing page platform with a workplace of over 175 people.

ExpertSumo Ratings By Business Type

Marketing Agencies / Consultants

OVERALL: ★★★★☆ - 4/5 stars.

PRICING: ★★★★☆ - 4/5 stars.

EASE OF USE: ★★★★☆ - 4/5 stars.


Unbounce is helpful for agencies that work with multiple clients and create multiple landing pages for each of them. The interface of Unbounce is very intuitive, and you don't need the help of engineers or programmers.  


The analytics tool that Unbounce offers isn’t that in-depth, so you will need from other tools to have more information.  Overall, Unbounce is very helpful with Marketing agencies, since they can manage several accounts in one account, this time saving and makes work more productive and efficient. 

Affiliate marketers

OVERALL: ★★★★☆ - 4/5 stars.

PRICING: ★★★☆☆ - 3/5 stars.

EASE OF USE: ★★★★☆ - 4/5 stars.


Unbounce helps create pay per clicks campaigns and helps improve their conversion rates. Besides, with the A/B feature you will improve your results over time.


Similar to marketing Agencies, Unbounce is very helpful for affiliate marketers thanks to all the features that it has, one of the most frequently used by them is A/B testing, that helps understand more the visitors of a website. 

E-commerce / online store owners / dropshippers

OVERALL: ★★★★★ - 5/5 stars.

PRICING: ★★★★★ - 5/5 stars.

EASE OF USE: ★★★★★ - 5/5 stars.


Landing pages are key for E-commerce, with all the templates that Unbounce provides, you only need to customize it as you need. You can also test which landing page works best and will help you improve your results.


A landing page is key for E-commerce. It is the best way to convert your visitors into customers and leads. You can also show a specific product that you want to sell and engage more with your visitors.

Service providers

(examples: lawyers, accountants, chiropractors, plumbers, home repair, real estate agents)

OVERALL: ★★★★☆ - 4/5 stars.

PRICING: ★★★★☆ - 4/5 stars.

EASE OF USE: ★★★★☆  - 4/5 stars.


With Unbounce you can create professional landing pages, and you can test the landing pages through their 14 day trial. The integrations that Unbounce offers helps Service providers have all the information in one place, and you can also use their plugins in a Wordpress website. 


Overall, Unbounce helps you create one professional landing page that will engage with visitors. 


Landing pages

As we mentioned before, Unbounce main use if for creating and designing landing pages as personalized as you may need. With the drag and drop feature, anyone can edit the landing page from their desktop and even their phone. Keep in mind that these landing pages are for a specific purpose either you want the visitor to become a customer or a lead. 

Using Landing Pages to Drive Higher Conversion Rates | Case Study: Unbounce x Indochino


Over 100 + templates available 

You can choose to start from scratch with a black canvas or you can use it from the over 100 templates that they have available. They have templates available for landing pages, pop-ups, and sticky bars, and customized templates depending on the usage from sales pages, showing products, events, ebooks, and lead generation.


It provides you with more than 100 hundred templates, you can customize it  as you need. The best part is that you can create it in just a few minutes. No coding, just a drag and drop system that makes things much easier. 


There is always going to be a limit creatively speaking. It is not going to be the same as you could code everything on a website as you wish; but, is the price you have to pay if you want to create a landing page the easiest way possible and don’t know how to code. 

Custom Scripts and Pixels

If needed, you can add JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to any page. 

Mobile Responsive

Create a mobile version of your page. You can switch from desktop to mobile view to check your page and customize it as you desire.


You don’t have to reprogram everything again to fit into the mobile, it is all within the platform. The graphics are programmed to fit on a phone screen. 

Publish on Wordpress

All your landing pages designs you can use them on Wordpress. The best part is that you can set it up in just a few minutes. 


Unbounce gives you the chance to use their landing pages  on wordpress, it make integrations much easier and you can apply the designs to it. 

Script Manager 

Unbounce allows you to save time by letting you add custom scripts to all the pages of a domain or multiple domains via a one-time process.


Saves you time by Sidestep the tediousness of adding each of your scripts to every landing page, one-by-one.


The problem with Unbounce is that some functionalities need Javascript coding and they don't always work as expected. 

A/B Testing

This tool allows you to split traffic between two variations of the same landing page, and you can see how it is performing through a dashboard. 


A/B Testing allows you to test different landing pages with customers and see how it performs. Even changing one color can have an impact on the visitors of your website. A lot of companies use this tool to test which version will stay on their website.


It is time-consuming and since it only shows which product performed better than the other. It doesn’t give you a specific reason why some aspects didn’t work as you may have planned, it also won't help your website problems. 

Smart Traffic

Unbounce uses Artificial Intelligence to send each and every visitor to the page variant that’s right for them.


Smart Traffic starts learning and optimizing after as few as 50 visits even if you change traffic sources or add new variants. It is a useful feature that gives each visitor what they need.

Popups and Sticky Bars

Create pop ups and sticky bars in just a few minutes. Unbounce gives more than 100 templates to use. Popups are another way of engaging with your audience and giving them valuable content.  


Unbounce allows you to integrate all your information from other websites like:

  • Google Analytics

  • Zapier

  • Webhooks

  • Direct Lead integrations (Zoho, Salesforce and more)


Easy to set-up for a straight up marketing campaign and you can add all you leads.


 The lack of integration with Pardot. Because there wasn't to utilize Pardot forms, some struggle to utilize Unbounce.

Security & Privacy

GDPR compliant

Privacy is a priority for Unbounce, if you live or your clients live in the European Union you can be 100% sure that they protect all you information and data. 



They also offer risk-free 14 day trial so that potential customers can give the service a try before they commit to it. You will only be billed after your 14-day trial if you choose not to cancel.  Unbounce will send an e-mail reminder near the end of the trial.

Monthly and Annual Pricing


Monthly : $99 USD / mo billed monthly or save 20% with Annual Plan:  $79 USD / mo billed monthly.

The maximum landing pages that you can publish in at a given time is 75, the maximum number of sticky bars and pop ups is 8. The traffic visitor limit is 50,000.


  • 100+ Customizable Templates

  • Unlimited Domains

  • Wordpress Integration 

  • Free Professional Photos from Unsplash

  • A/B Testing 

  • Smart Traffic (Beta)

  • Dynamic Text Replacement 

  • Zapier integration 

  • Hubspot Integration

  • Infusionsoft Integration

  • Customer Support

  • Google Single sign-On

  • Unlimited Users 

  • Speed Boost

  • GDPR Compliance

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA

  • SSL Encryption


$199 USD / mo billed monthly or save 20% with Annual Plan:  $159 USD / mo billed monthly

The maximum landing pages that you can publish in at a given time is 150, the maximum number of sticky bars and pop ups is 16. The traffic visitor limit is 50,000. You can manage up to 5 client sub Accounts into one account. 

Extra Features besides the ones mentioned on Essential plan:

  • AMP Landing Pages

  • Launch Scheduling

  • Advanced Popup & Sticky Bar Targeting

  • Marketo Integration

  • Salesforce Integration

  • SSL Encryption

  • Page Redirects 


Starting from $499+ USD / mo billed monthly or save 20% with Annual Plan: Starting from $399+ USD / mo billed monthly.

The maximum landing pages that you can publish in at a given time is 375, the maximum number of sticky bars and pop ups is 40. Visitor traffic limit varies by plan, but it is more than 500,000 visitors . You can manage up to more than 15 clients sub-Accounts into one account. 

Extra Features besides the ones mentioned on Essential and Premium plan:

  • Audit Logs

  • Customer Success Manager

  • Dedicated Launch Specialist

  • CTAconf Ticket Included

  • Page Migration Services


How does the free trial work?

They give the benefit of a 14 day trial. You will only be billed after your 14-day trial if you choose not to cancel.  Unbounce will send an e-mail reminder near the end of the trial.

Is Unbounce free?

No, you only have the chance to use Unbounce as a free trial for 14 days. After that you can use any of the plans that they have either monthly or annual, for essential, premium and enterprise. 

What is Unbounce landing page?

Unbounce is a platform where you can design and create landing pages for your websites. You can use either one of their templates or start from scratch, you don’t need to be a developer or know how to code to be able to create a landing page. 

Which are the different Unbounce packages?

Unbounce has different plans either  essential, premium and enterprise packages, each of them have specific features that can be useful depending on your need. 

What are the different payment methods?

They accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or PayPal.

Is there a traffic Limit?

Yes, depending on your plan your website can have a traffic limit. Essential and Premium plans have a monthly limit of 500,000 unique visitors, while enterprise limits vary from plan, but is more than 500,000 unique visitors. 

Is Unbounce GDPR compliant?

Yes, Unbounce takes care of privacy and cares about their customers in the European Union, they have filled all the requirements needed to assure the privacy of their users. 

Unbounce on Data Privacy and the GDPR


How Unbounce Solves UI/UX Issues to Improve User Signups?

The UI developers team of Unbounce is in charge of creating a simpler interface because most of the users don’t have coding experience, and they have the challenge of making Unbounce manageable and easy to use. 

Why should I use Unbounce?

If you want to use landing pages in your websites and engage more with your customers, you should use Unbounce. Landing pages have one main purpose, and is to convert your websites visitors into customers or leads. 

Does Unbounce have tutorials?

Unbounce has a lot of resources that can be used to learn how to use the software a little bit better. They have a Blog, a marketing resources section on their website, where you can read and watch tutorials about Unbounce. Another resource that they provide is video tutorials on their Youtube Channel.


Amy M.

VP Marketing & Sales

“I like being able to create landing pages and form popups without needing resources from development or design. The A/B testing features are great - makes it easy to keep tweaking and optimizing.

Plenty of templates, so it's easy to create and test landing pages without needing a graphic designer and web developer. I also like that I can A/B/C/D test pages and Unbounce will automatically optimize for best conversions. Also, the tech support was excellent and helped me troubleshoot our ppc tracking info/salesforce integration.”

Hristian K.

Founder & Chief Conversion Craftsman

“I've been using Unbounce for over 5+ years now. In that time frame, I've tried pretty much all LP builders and can say with certainty that Unbounce is by far the best. Even a complicated PSD design or a Sketch artboard can be implemented as a live page in a few hours. Pixel perfect every time. Speedy pages and now with AMP support, there is really no alternative.

If you are new to Unbounce, it can take a bit of time to get used to the builder but even for someone with no experience that would be half an hour or an hour. After that, it becomes an indispensable tool in your landing page optimization tool belt. My agency has done a lot of custom coding when clients need special features. You can't have a software that does everything you might ever want. It's simply not feasible but I can see how that can be a con for someone. Reporting and analysis could use a bit of an update but you should always push your data to GA anyway. At the end of the day, you go with the tool that works best for you and after I've tried all of them - Unbounce still rains as king.”

John H.

Administrative Director & Editor

"Unbounce is great because it allows you to set up detailed marketing funnels to let you follow a prospect's journey. The landing page creation is easy and actually creates great looking web pages. There are several integrations, so you shouldn't have any problem getting leads from Unbounce to your CRM.

The overall data reporting could be improved. For example, if you start a new campaign for a landing page, you have to either duplicate it or reset the data. Once the data is reset, you can't see any historical data."


The interface that Unbounce uses is very simple and easy to use. You can create a landing page for your website in less than one hour, you can even customize it with scripts. It also helps you optimize your work and save time. 

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